We would like to welcome you to our center

Dear Parents,

Welcome to Precious Moments Day Care Center, Inc. We are happy to have the opportunity to meet you. We believe there is no greater investment in a better future than to positively influence the love of children. As childcare professionals, we will strive to make the transition to Precious Moments Day Care as smooth as possible. 

Each child will receive our utmost respect as an individual who has special needs and feelings all their own. We will give plenty of tender loving care.

Toys are developmentally appropriate and especially chosen to strengthen fine and gross motor skills and encourage creativity. Each activity prepared for your child will be exercised at his/her own developmental level. We strive to build self-esteem, nurture positive self-images and provide a secure learning environment in an atmosphere of joy and caring. 

We will fill each day with good things, for you have entrusted us with your most precious treasure…your child. We have an open door policy to you as the parent and invite you to stop by and visit any time.

Thank you for choosing Precious Moments Day Care Center, Inc.

Kathleen Quink Shaw

Our Classes

Infant Program

 Infants will follow their own eating and sleeping schedule and be provided with a crib. A large rocking chair is available for use as well as high chairs, exersaucers, rattles, stuffed animals and much, much more. We will encourage and support mothers who are breast-feeding to come in and feed or send in expressed milk. There will be plenty of warmth, hugs, kisses, etc…all of which babies (and children) need! A daily note will be provided so that we can keep our communication open as much as possible. 

Toddler Program

 Toddlers will be in groups of eight with a ratio of one staff member to four children. Activities will include a daily art project, music, self-help skills, stories, computer learning games, manipulatives to help develop fine and gross motor skills, toilet training, outdoor activities and much more. The children will follow a daily schedule, which is posted in the classroom for the parent to view. A daily note will be provided so that we keep our communication open as much as possible. 

Preschool Program

 A complete nursery school program and much more. Daily activities will include art, computer learning games, creative movement, reading, math, science, cooking and much more. For those getting ready for Kindergarten, developmentally appropriate activities will be provided to help make the transition as smooth as possible. A daily schedule will be prepared, followed and posted for the parent to view. A monthly calendar will be sent home to help get parents involved in special events. A weekly memo will be available to the parent.